Tips and Tricks

Author:Etienne Robillard <>
Last modified:2017-01-23

The following list proposes simple tips and tricks for working with the django-hotsauce toolkit. Most of them can be used in standard Django apps with moderate efforts to boost your productivity while making kick-ass websites.

SQLAlchemy integration

Here’s a simple recipe which uses SQLAlchemy and the with_session decorator to make a custom SQL query in a standard Django view.

from blogengine.template import direct_to_template
from notmm.dbapi.backends.sql import with_session

from myapp.config import database as db

def index(request):
    # get the ScopedSession instance
    Session = request.environ.get('_scoped_session')
    # now do something with the Session
    data = {
      'user' : Session.query('User').filter_by(...).first()
    # close the session

    return direct_to_template(request, extra_context=data)

Lazier Django Settings

Here is an example using thread-local as a way to store custom data

from notmm.utils.django_settings import LazySettings

# then simply initialize the LazySettings object
# for getting a Django-like settings module.
settings = LazySettings()
# load settings from this module
settings.clear()  # remove all settings and set initialized=False
settings.count()  # return a int

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