BaseController API

Author:Etienne Robillard <>
Last modified:2017-01-23


The notmm.controllers package provides a simple gateway for Django apps to extend from the BaseController class, an interface to access and store internal application data at runtime.



The BaseController module requires the Cython library to operate properly. It purposes is to provide an abstract base class and a set of common methods to derived subclasses. See also :WSGIController:.


The WSGIController class provides the core wrapper for Django apps to extend from. It is essentially a thin but valid WSGI middleware to sit between the Django and the webserver. Django 1.4 or higher is recommended for optimal results.

In addition, the WSGIController supports many exclusive features such as:

  • Customized HTTP/WSGI request and response(s) handling
  • Django settings autoloading via Proxy-style attribute delegation
  • Allow developers to embed Django applications using a shared library..
  • Makes the Pylons developers wanting to build pyramids instead of pylons.. :)

Exception Handling

To register a custom WSGI response handler

from notmm.controllers.wsgi import WSGIController

wsgi_app = WSGIController()
wsgi_app.sethandle('handle401', 'myapp.views.handle401')
wsgi_app.sethandle('handle404', 'myapp.views.handle404')
wsgi_app.sethandle('handle500', 'myapp.views.handle500')


  • The name `BaseController’ is inspired from the Pylons (Pyramid) framework.
  • Cython support is still experimental.

See Also

The session and authentication chapters.

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