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{i} Did you know? The name "notmm" is a acronym meaning "not a monolithic mashup"!


Django-hotsauce is an advanced and extensible WSGI based web toolkit on top of Django for Python web development. It currently aims to provides a full-scale web platform for extending Django in C and building high-performance WSGI applications optimized for the CPython interpreter.

In particular a main objective of the django-hotsauce toolkit is to provide an alternative MVC framework for advanced Django web development using fast and portable Cython library code compilation in C, and thus GNU libc for optimizing the bindings in fast C code.

Furthermore django-hotsauce makes uses of Python 2.x to allow intelligent code-reusability over code duplication and is a strong DRY (Do not repeat yourself) adept.


The docs are "work-in-progress" and may obviously contain errors and omissions. This is a great window of opportunities for anyone interested by the project to improve the documentation or hack the code base.


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